Angelucci Trasporti

Trucking and Logistics in Italy, Europe and North Africa

Always on the move, without borders


National and international trucking

Efficient and on-time trucking service 365 days a year, geo-location services and the latest generation of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Corporate Logistics and VAT Warehouse

Specialized for over 30 years in corporate logistics and transport.
Angelucci Trasporti combines innovation, sustainability and ethics to provide a complete and diversified service to its customers.


Punctual and international company with offices in Tunisia, Romania and present in several Italian ports including Livorno, Genoa, Civitavecchia and Salerno, Angelucci Trasporti guarantees every type of shipment, with an always careful eye to intermodality in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the management of the needs of customers’ companies.


Angelucci Trasporti ensures the sorting even of small quantities of goods. Since 2009, with a view to improving delivery times and quality, as well as optimizing costs, Angelucci Trasporti has become part of the Italian One Express Shipping Network.

Customized solutions 

Angelucci Trasporti offers a complete service not only for every business sector but also for the delicate world of large-scale distribution, guaranteeing customized solutions and a real competitive advantage to the customer.

  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage and Consumer Goods
  • Chemical sector
  • Parapharmaceutical sector
  • Non-hazardous waste
  • GDO (Large scale distribution)
  • Industrial sector

Punctual, technological and green

Angelucci Trasporti invests year after year in multimodal transports that represent, in the world of the handling of goods, the real turning point for the future. In fact, they take advantage of the synergy of traditional trucks with the train, the ship and/or plane: by using craneable semi-trailers and intermodal crates, intermodal transports ensure shorter times, a greater punctuality, lower risks and more competitive costs.<7p>

Its being green oriented is a guarantee of success: Angelucci Trasporti is always attentive to the environment, investing in the latest generation of low-emission vehicles, on a photovoltaic system, located inside its factory and on a modern system of cleaning and recycling of car-wash water.

Ethical and environmental certifications

The organizational processes are increasingly in line with international management systems, that aspire to gain prestigious certifications obtained with the foresight and determination of the entrepreneurial vision that guides the Angelucci Group.

Ensuring speed and punctuality is not the only path to success. At the helm of Angelucci Trasporti there is a much broader vision of the international market that puts fairness and transparency first.

The main objective of the Angelucci family is to obtain indisputable guarantees of the quality of its work represented by ethical and environmental certifications, the legality rating and HACCP requirements.