Quality certifications

Ethical and environmental certifications: customer satisfaction at the center

The organizational processes are increasingly in line with international management systems, that aspire to gain prestigious certifications obtained with the foresight and determination of the entrepreneurial vision that guides the Angelucci Group.

Ensuring speed and punctuality is not the only path to success. At the helm of Angelucci Trasporti there is a much broader vision of the international market that puts fairness and transparency first. The main objective of the Angelucci family is to obtain indisputable guarantees on the quality of its work represented by ethical and environmental certifications, the legality rating and HACCP requirements.

Angelucci Trasporti has always pursued the goal of representing for its stakeholders a guarantee in terms of quality of work performed, ethics, transparency and attention to the outside world. This objective is also guaranteed by the recognition of various certifications and titles for the maintenance of which the company is committed to comply with internationally known management systems.

ISO 9001:2015, quality and efficiency

Angelucci Trasporti aims at maximum customer satisfaction through a relationship of trust aimed at fully understanding the company’s needs and offering targeted and efficient responses, both from an economic and organizational point of view. All this, is made possible thanks to the ISO 9001 certification that the company has held for over 20 years. The first Quality Management System was implemented and recognized by certifying bodies in 1998 and, since then, the company has been complying with and has been improving the application of the principles on which the standard is based.

The adaptation to the standards of ISO 9001 allows the full satisfaction of customers’ needs through a continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of the services provided.

These objectives are also pursued through the careful selection of its suppliers, the continuous training and awareness of the staff and compliance with current legislation, with particular attention to HACCP legislation and to the one on safety protection and prevention of workers’ health.

Certification Etica Sa 8000, the employee in first place

Angelucci Trasporti puts Corporate Social Responsibility in first place, on par with compliance with environmental and Health and Safety standards

Equipped with an ethical code of conduct, to which both top management and all employees must adhere, Angelucci Transport adheres to a series of key principles that lead to the protection of the psycho-physical integrity of the worker, ensuring full respect for indissoluble principles such as:

  • the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining;
  • compliance with working hours and current legislation;
  • the guarantee of the rules for the protection of the worker’s safety and health;
  • respect for the whole person.

ISO 45001:2018, a guarantee of safety

Ensuring compliance with the standards imposed by ISO 45001 for the protection of the safety and health of its employees is one of the cornerstone principles of Angelucci Transporti that, as of 2019, has implemented a Management System in the field of Health and Safety at Work, complying with the standards set by the voluntary standard UNI EN ISO 45001:2018.

Angelucci Trasporti has therefore set itself the goal of reducing accidents and making its employees work safely. With realistic targets in this area, the staff is continuously informed and trained on the procedures to be adopted and the rules to be followed, while risks and objectives are constantly monitored by the staff in charge.

Iso 14001:2015 for Environmental Certification: the next goal

Operating in full respect of the environment that surrounds us is another objective that Angelucci Trasporti has set itself to respect while carrying out its activities. For this reason, the company has decided to adopt an Environmental Management System, increasingly attentive to the differentiation and proper disposal of waste and oriented to the monitoring and reduction of:

  • CO2 emissions from vehicles;
  • energy consumption;
  • water consumption;
  • acoustic impacts and noise.

AEO certificate: free to move

For some time now the Angelucci group has been recognized as “Authorized Economic Operator” being in possession of the AEO authorization and an EORI code. Such authorization represents an additional guarantee of reliability and security for the handling of the operations related to the customs sphere when dealing with Extra-CEE countries.


The Angelucci Group, thanks to adherence to the principles imposed by the National Regulation issued in 2012, has obtained the legality rating, a guarantee of compliance with the professional and working standards related to its business and its position in the market.


In collaboration with Michelin Italia, the Angelucci Group practices a sustainable management of truck tires, optimizing performance through the use of regrooved and retreaded tires. This has allowed savings for the year 2021 up to:

  • 5,24 tonnes of CO2
  • 2,19 tons of raw material*