Corporate Logistics and VAT Warehouse

Innovation, sustainability and ethics

Angelucci Trasporti is more and more convinced of the need to offer its customers increasingly specific and dedicated services. For this reason, it believes and invests in corporate and integrated logistics by expanding the range of its activities:

  • Distribution of goods;
  • Containerization services;
  • Warehouse shuttle system;
  • Reception/Acceptance of Goods;
  • Handling;
  • Receiving orders;
  • Packing List Printing;
  • Picking Setup with Bar Code Optical Readers;
  • Batch management via the FIFO method;
  • Booking Unloading/Delivery;
  • Printing Documents (Ddt – Transport document /Invoices);
  • Deliveries Execution;
  • Returns management;
  • Cod remittance;
  • Inventory Management;
  • Gestione pallet.